Different types of wedding dress styles

20 May

One of the most important things to do for your wedding is to choose the perfect wedding dress. The ‘dress’ is the top topic among the ladies and maybe some gentlemen who attend the wedding. The first impression that wedding guests have on the bride is the dress and her overall look. Thus, choosing the right style can accentuate your best assets and help you to create your dream bridal look.

There are 5 basic wedding dresses silhouette.

1)      A-line/Princess

This is the most popular classic wedding dress style. This style is fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground. Thus, resembles an uppercase letter “A”. Its length can range from mini length to the traditional full train cathedral length. This style of dress can support many different fabric choices, from free flowing silks to satin.

This is the most versatile dress style If you have no idea which style to go for, this is the safest bet. The long lines of the dress can create illusion of height on shorter body and slim down a rounded figure. Also, the full skirt can hide a rounder lower body or create the illusion of curve on a slimmer frame.


2)      Ball Gown

This is the best option to go for if you are looking for the fairy tales look. This style is fitted around the bodice with a full skirt. Thus, it is best for the big, formal and traditional wedding. For a dramatic look, wear it with a pair of opera length gloves and chapel train. Usually, fabrics like satin and chiffon is used on the top with intricate beadings and embroidery, while the bottom is made from layers of tulle or organza for the floating effect.

 The cut of the dress is ideal for those who are slender or have a pear-shaped figure as the full skirt can accentuate the waist and hide the lower body. If you have a large bust, this style will help you to create the hourglass look. However, if you are on the shorter side, this is not a good option for you as you might be overpowered by the size of the full skirt.


3)      Empire

The empire dress has a raised waistline that sits just below the bust and a flowing skirt. This type of dress is usually made from lighter fabric such as chiffon to create the romantic feel. This silhouette is very versatile and can accommodate a wide range of formality.

 Like the A-line dress, the empire dress works well for most body types. The style of the dress is ideal for those who want to enhance their busts and those who want to cover up their larger breasts. Additionally, this silhouette is ideal for those who has a pear shaped figure and pregnant brides.


4)      Sheath/column

This type of dress has a slim shape that follows from the neckline to the hem. Mixing various neckline, sleeve lengths and train lengths will give the dress a different look. Moreover, using different type of fabrics can make this dress either a simple slip dress or a highly constructed dramatic statement.

 This style of dress tends to hug the body and will show all your curves. Thus, it is best suited for those who are lean. Also, it is a good option for those who are on the short side as the elongating nature will help you to look taller. However, these type of dresses are very tight and will restrict you movement.


5)      Mermaid

This is the sexiest of all the styles. Wearing this type of dress will highlight your curve. The style of the dress is contoured against the body and flows out from around the knee. It comes with various versions, from jewel neck to trumpet flare and even flamenco flare.

The mermaid cut style is not suitable for everyone. It is best suited for those who have a slender figure, either tall or short. Also, this type of dress is best worn by those who are confident and love to show their curve.


Wedding dresses might come in different styles and designs, the one that you like might not suitable for your body type, but it doesn’t matter. This is because no matter which style you choose, you are still the most beautiful person and the star of the day.

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