Wedding Dress Necklines Guide

25 May

Ladies, don’t forget about the dress neckline when choosing your wedding dress for your big day!

The neckline plays an important part of the dress, it can make or break your overall look. When choosing the right style of neckline, you should take the following points into consideration:

a)      Your body shape

b)      Size of your bust

c)      Jewellery/necklace that you would like to wear

d)     The style of your hair

Below are some of the most common necklines that you will see on wedding dresses:

a)        V-neck

The neckline dips down in a V-shape on the front. This type of neckline flatters many body types. It can be a very modest, subtle “V” to a sexy, plunging “V”. It depends on how revealing you want your dress to be. Sometimes, you can choose a dress that has a “V” back to highlight your backside.

This V-neck is ideal for those who have a fuller figure or hour glass shape. This is because the shape of the neckline can highlight your cleavage and shows your curves. On the other hand, a low cut or wide set “V” can create a fuller bust illusion for those with smaller breast size. V-neck is very flexible as it can be paired with any sleeve length, from spaghetti straps to long sleeves.


b)        Square neck

As the name suggest, this type of neckline is shaped like a half square. It has a straight horizontal bodice with straps.

Square neck is ideal for those who would like a modest display of cleavage, especially those who are well endowed. Overall, it create a sophisticated look and  is suitable for almost every body shape. It can be paired with spaghetti straps to long sleeves.


c)        Scoop neck

Scoop neck is a U-shaped neckline. It’s suitable for every body shape. Like V-neck, the scoop can be a modest neckline or a sexy plunging neckline. It can be paired with any sleeves length, depending on your choice. This is the style to go for if you have no idea which neckline looks good on you.


d)       One shoulder/asymmetric

This type of neckline features a single strap coming across the front. The sleeve varies from sleeveless to long sleeve. You can also add flowers or ruffling to the strap to direct attention.

Asymmetric neckline can be used to emphasize your collarbone. It should be avoided if you have broad shoulders.


e)        Off-the-shoulder

This style sits below the shoulders to highlight your collarbone and shoulders, with sleeves that cover part of the upper arm. A variation on this neckline is known as portrait, which has a wide, soft scoop from the tip of one shoulder to the other.

This type of neckline generally looks good on all body types, especially those who are well-endowed or possess a pear shaped body. Those with broad shoulders or fuller arms should avoid choosing this type of neckline as it will accentuate them further.


f)         Sweetheart

Sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top half of a heart. It is most commonly paired with strapless dresses, but can be found on dresses with a variety of sleeve lengths as well.

It is ideal for those with a large bust line as it helps to accentuate the décolletage by creating support and control exposure. However, those who struggle with a décolletage should not choose this option.


g)        Bateau/Boat neck

This wide top neckline follows the curve of the collarbone. It has a relatively straight neckline and has the same depth in the front and back. It can be paired with sleeveless to dresses with a variety of sleeve lengths.

Bateau neck is ideal for bony and flat-chested brides as it boosts the bust. Contrary, busty brides should avoid choosing this type of neckline.


h)        Halter neck

This neckline features straps that wrap around the back of the neck. It is very flexible, it can be paired with square neckline or V-neck.


Halter neck looks good on taller women and those with broad shoulders. It is also ideal for brides that have well-toned upper arms as this style will draw attention to the neck and shoulders. Contrary, those with narrow shoulders and have very large chest should avoid choosing this option.


i)          Jewel/high neck

This type of neckline follows the curvature of the neck. Also, it will create a formal and classic look. Jewel neckline comes in many variations, such as cut out, keyhole or an illusion high collar this neckline can be paired with a variety of sleeve lengths.

It works well for small-chested woman as it enhances the chest area and makes you look bustier. Thus, those well-endowed should avoid choosing this type of neckline.


j)          Strapless

This type of neckline features a bodice without the support of straps or sleeves. It comes with a variation of designs, such as cut straight across, with a notch, side peaks or slightly curved.

Strapless neckline is suitable for those with great shoulders and collarbones and have well-toned arms. Also, it is a popular choice among the busty brides. Contrary, small chested women should avoid choosing this option.


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