Different types of waistlines for wedding dresses

10 Jul

Many people think that waistline does not matter when selecting wedding dress. Some might think that they are there only to separate the upper part of the dress from the lower part. However, ‘waistline’ can make a big difference. Different type of waistline can accentuate different body shape. Nowadays, waistline can vary from below the bust to below the hips. So, let’s see which type of waistline will make you look perfect!


Basque Waist

Basque waist is similar to natural waist, except that it features a low V shape in the front. This waistline is usually very fitted and can commonly be found in structured ball gowns dresses. It is a very versatile style and looks good on many. The ‘V’ waistline creates a slimming effect and an impression of height. It does so by reducing the width of the waist and hips and elongating the torso.


This type of waistline will look great on those who has hourglass figure and pear shaped figure with a slightly short waist. On the other hand, those who are petite and those with square figures should avoid selecting this type of waistline. Also, it is not recommended for those who are still puffy in the front after wearing shapewear as it has a tendency to draw attention to the lower belly.



Empire Waist

Empire waistline usually just sits below the bust line, with the skirt flows down loosely from there. It gives a long and slender look. This style is very popular among the pregnant ladies.


This style works great on those who has a fuller figure, wide hips and thick waist as it helps to camouflage lower body flaws and draw attention upward. Thus, it is also a good option for those who are small-chested. This is the perfect style for petite brides because it gives the illusion of big breast, small waist and taller height. Those who have a larger chest are recommended to stay away from this style as it has a tendency to draw attention to the bust (you want look perfect on your big day, not your bust spilling out of the dress!).



Princess Waist

This type of waistline does its shaping by joining edges of different curvature. The seam usually follows one’s curves along the sides of the bodice, to the waist and then flares at the hip. It is usually found in A-line silhouette dresses. It creates a long and slimming look.


This type of style is super-flattering on most body types. If you have no idea which style to go for, this will be your best option.



Dropped Waist

Dropped waist is a style of waistline that falls several inches below the natural waistline. It creates an impression of height by lengthening the torso. This style looks best with mermaid style dresses.


This type of waistline is perfect for those who are full figured, short-waisted and wide-hipped as it pull in the hips and elongates the waist. Thus, those who are extremely long-waisted and extremely petite should avoid this waistline. It is also recommended for those who have a very slim figure because it creates the illusion of an hour-glass figure. Additionally, this style is great for those who have an hour glass figure or larger breasts and those has short torso.


Natural Waist

This type of waistline sits at the narrowest part of the body between the ribs and the hips. This waistline is the most common waistline and works with most body type.


Natural waist is perfect for those who have a natural hourglass figure or those who have a slim waist as it emphasizes the natural hourglass figure. It is also great for pear shaped figure ladies. However, this type of waistline will create a shorter height illusion as it kinds of visually dividing the figure in half. Moreover, those who are apple-shape (larger in the middle) should avoid this waistline as it will make your waist look wider.


Asymmetrical Waistline

Asymmetrical waistline is a waistline that runs across the body diagonally. It either starts on one side at empire waist (natural waist) and falls diagonally to a natural waist (dropped waist). This style can be very flattering on a variety of body type if done correctly.


This type of waistline will create a slimming effect. Thus, it is great for those full figured or thick-waisted ladies. On the other hand, those on the shorter side should stay away from this waistline as the long waist will make the rest of the body appear shorter.



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